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HS Sophomore

Sophomore Year

High School Sophomore Year: College Preparation Checklist

During Sophomore year, you should begin to narrow your focus of interests. In terms of college and career preparation, the following considerations should be addressed during a student's Sophomore year:


  • Take the PSAT. This will allow you to practice for the SAT and place your name on a list to receive college brochures.
  • Stay on track with academics. Be certain that your courses are preparing you for your college goals.
  • Begin to learn about the college admissions process. Familiarize yourself with entrance requirements.
  • Continue exploring career options.


  • Work toward leadership in your extracurricular activities. Become involved in community service.
  • Read! Read! Read!
  • Practice your writing skills.
  • Get advice from counselors on advanced placement and post-secondary enrollment options.


  • Keep the GPA up!
  • Begin to actively search for colleges.
  • Contact colleges that interest you. Attend college fairs and compare college criteria that meets your interest.
  • Consider taking SAT Subject Tests.