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HS Freshman

High School Freshman Year College Preparation Checklist

Freshman year can be viewed as an opportunity to establish a solid academic and extracurricular foundation. This is the time to begin developing the work ethic and study habits that will set the tone for your high school career. Four years may feel like a long time but it's never too early to begin developing strengths and planning for the future. In terms of college and career preparation, the following considerations should be addressed during a student's Freshman year:


  • Consider extracurricular activities that fit your class schedule. Getting involved in clubs and teams creates a well-rounded student and begins to develop valuable content for your future resume.
  • Meet with a guidance counselor to discuss plans for high school and the future.
  • Select the right mix of classes. Along with core requirements, consider college or technical career prep courses.


  • Focus on Academics! Grades will impact GPA and class rank. While college and an eventual career path seem distant goals, high school does influence college admission, scholarships and future career prospects.
  • Explore interest and possible careers and career assessment resources.
  • Discuss your interests and aptitudes with your guidance counselor.
  • Take advantage of any Career Day or Career Fair opportunities.
  • Consider a college savings plan.


  • Learn about college and career opportunities.

  • make summer count by taking some time to research your interests.

  • Begin building a portfolio of credentials. Keep track of academic and extracurricular awards.

  • Begin researching and learning about colleges. Visit libraries and the Internet to find useful college information.

  • Visit a college campus if you have the opportunity.

  • Summer is a perfect opportunity to volunteer, seek employment, or sign up for an enrichment program.