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Summer Melt & Summer Outreach

Summer Melt

Summer Outreach

Summer Melt

Summer Melt occurs when, despite being eligible and in some cases even having plans in place to attend college, enter a skilled trade or apprenticeship, enter the workforce, or enlist in the military, students fail to finalize steps and bring their plans to fruition. Instead, the final details and their post-secondary goals 'melt away' over the Summer. In the United States, approximately 3.5 million high school Seniors graduate annually. Depending on demographics and other variables, an estimated 10 - 40% will experience this phenomenon. While these numbers constitute a fairly wide margin, it is realistic to assume that 500 - 700,000 students may melt each Summer.

In Jackson, the numbers are considerably smaller. In 2021, our county had nearly 1,400 graduates. At our average statistic of 25%, it would still mean that nearly 350 students are in danger of falling through the cracks. The CCAC is committed to decreasing this number. In order to prevent Summer Melt, our advisors draw from the collective information acquired for each student throughout the school year; making contact through texts, phone calls, emails, and our Boots on the Ground door-to-door Outreach initiative. A number of risk factors are identified and addressed. Some of these factors may include:

  • Students who indicate 'No Plans for Fall'
  • Students who have not filed a FAFSA    
  • First generation students
  • Socioeconomic factors; lack of funding
  • TIP eligible students
  • Students who have experienced obstacles achieving the steps of the Four Seasons.

Collaborative Summer  Outreach

The College and Career Access Center, in collaboration with the YMCA, MLK Center, Jackson Housing Commission, Jackson Public Schools, Dream Maker/FIRST Robotics and My Brother's Keeper, is proud to be a part of the collective impact, bringing support as well as college and career awareness programming to the students of Jackson County. 2021 marked the 7th year of collaborative Summer Outreach; our 6th with the YMCA, 5th at the Martin Luther King (MLK) Recreation Center, 4th with the Jackson Housing Commission (JHC) and our first with Jackson High and Pathways as well as Dream maker/FIRST Robotics and My Brother's Keeper.  CCAC advisors carry out a Kids2College/Pathways to Professional Skilled Trades (K2C/PPST) curriculum to area students aged 7-14. The focus is college and career exploration through interactive games and activities. This initiave also includes weekly Robotics sessions, hosted by Jackson Public Schools, Dream Maker/FIRST Robotics and My Brother's Keeper.