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Juniors Over the Local Circuit


In order to prepare students for post-secondary opportunities, the College & Career Access Center seeks to provide exposure to a variety of resources and experiences designed to create awareness. To that purpose, beginning in the Fall of 2016, the CCAC introduced a new initiative to Jackson County students.

In collaboration with the 13 Connected Community Schools and the three local Institutions of Higher Education (IHE) - Baker College, Jackson College, and Spring Arbor University - the CCAC launched Juniors Over the Local Circuit (JOLC)to Jackson County High School Juniors. This initiative introduces students to three keenly different post-secondary options: a career college, a community college, and a liberal arts university. The three institutions, along with the CCAC, combine support through transportation and lunch, which is provided to each student as they spend a day-long circuit tour of the three IHE’s.

CCAC Advisors work with counselors from their respective schools as well as the college admissions offices to coordinate the scheduling of each college visit. By the end of the program, every student has been provided the opportunity to visit all three college campuses. 2023 marked the CCAC's eighth season of offering the JOLC program.