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Scholarship Resources

Scholarships are extremely important to the college funding process, as they represent dollars that are awarded to the student. Unlike student loans, these funds do not require repayment. In dedication to our mission, CCAC advisors assist students in exploring all possible options for funding their post-secondary education or career training.  We seek opportunities based upon each student's unique eligibility, taking into consideration criteria such as: academic performance, financial need, and major concentration. We also look for scholarships that base awards on unusual criteria, aside from the standard GPA and demonstration of financial need. Writing contests, fun competitions, video projects and talent-based contests provide creativity in the scholarship application process. Our advisors research local, state, national and institutional scholarships from a broad variety of scholarship resources. Understanding the salient differences between the different scholarship types will be beneficial as students begin to explore:

Local Scholarship providers generally prefer to invest in students from their own community. Local scholarships, therefore, are often available only to residents of a particular geographic region. Since the number of students who qualify is limited based on location, the chances of being awarded local scholarships are greater than the odds of earning national scholarships. This makes local scholarships an appealing option.

State Scholarships, as the name implies, are specific to a certain state. These awards are often aimed toward applicants pursuing careers in specific high-need fields. These awards often have conditions attached - recipients of state scholarships may be required to work in a certain field or remain in the state for a certain period of time after graduation.

National Scholarships are highly competitive awards that provide support for undergraduate and graduate studies throughout the country. In addition to academic achievement, national scholarship selection committees generally look for students with demonstrated leadership, research experience, community or public service, and participation in professional activities or internships in their fields of study.

Institutional Scholarships offer scholarship awards specifically for students attending their institution. These scholarships tend to be fairly generous- occasionally covering as much as a student’s full cost of attendance.

The CCAC Scholarship Action Plan

As CCAC advisors work within Jackson’s 13 Connected Community Schools, they assist Seniors with all post-secondary planning steps. Classroom presentations prove to be an efficient means of delivering our services, resources, and tools to address some of the more tedious and time-consuming planning processes. One such presentation introduces students to the CCAC Scholarship Action Plan. The action plan is a comprehensive list of scholarship links. Students are able to readily access a wealth of information in a single, concise format. Then, they may begin taking 'action' on the many available scholarship options.

Click Below to View a Model of This Beneficial Tool:




Local Partnership Opportunities






Local Jackson Opportunities


American 1











Local Michigan Opportunities








College Board

Tool Kit



















Sallie Mae





Scholarship Help


These links are a good start toward your scholarship search, but do not stop at this page. Search now and search often! We are always here to assist. As you continue independently, however, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

Scholarship Scams

Be Cautious!!     


Never provide your bank account number or credit card information when applying for a scholarship. If you have questions or concerns regarding the validity of a site, contact the Federal Trade Commission:


Telephone: (877)382-4357

TTY: (866)653-4261

Other Hints and Tips

DEADLINES DO MATTER! Pre-set your own deadline at two weeks prior to the actual deadline.

Follow the directions closely. With strict deadlines, there is little time for corrections and re-submissions.

Have a second person proofread your entire application.

Use an appropriate/professional email address.

Follow through on all requested documentation

Ask questions when necessary. Do not guess!

Contact the College & Career Access Center at any time for additional support.