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John George Jr Student Loan



The John George Jr. Student Loan Fund

 Helping the worthy men and women of Jackson since 1940

The John George, Jr. Student Loan Fund has been assisting Jackson area students in continuing their education for over seven decades. Established by its namesake, John George Jr., the fund was based on the philosophy that no one should be denied the intellectual and cultural advantages that come with higher education.  His student loan fund was intended to inspire and support the youth of his home community; Jackson, Michigan.

Unlike federal student aid, the John George is a private loan. The interest rate, however, is less than half the rate that is typically associated with federal loans. Eligible students may borrow up to $6,000 per year at a 2% interest rate. Over four years, the student may borrow up to a total of $24,000. The CCAC strongly encourages all Jackson County students to apply for the John George Student Loan.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible for the John George Jr. Student Loan, students must meet the following eligibility guidelines:

  • The applicant must be a Jackson County Michigan resident and a graduate of a Jackson County Michigan high school.
  • The applicant must have co-signer unless he or she is able to verify that his/her annual income exceeds $20,000.
  • One of the applicant’s parents must reside in Jackson County, Michigan and/or a Jackson County Michigan school district. 
  • The applicant must be attending or planning to attend a Michigan state-supported college or university on a full-time basis, which is considered to be a minimum of 12 credit hours .
  • The applicant must graduate high school with a 2.25 GPA and maintain that average in college.

Applications are available between October 1 and May 1 and may be downloaded from the web site or by visiting the John George Student Loan office at 145 S. Jackson Street, Jackson, Michigan at the corner of South Jackson and Cortland streets.

*Applications received after May 1 will be considered on a funds-available basis.