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College-Based Consultations

Our College Advisors assist students and clients in positioning themselves for entry into a 2-4 year institution, traditional college or university. Consultation services involve the many steps associated with this process. Students are assisted with the completion of college, financial aid, and scholarship applications; including eligibility requirements, proofreading content, and attention to stipulated deadlines. Other areas of college consultation include the decision making process, tuition and housing deposits, orientation and class registration, scheduling placement exams, and avoiding summer melt.

The Four Seasons of College Planning

Applications (45 minutes)

Our advisors assist students with all steps involved with the application process, including: completion of all application sections, structuring and proofreading any essay or personal statements, and request of fee waiver if applicable. Advisors also keep students informed of deadlines stipulated by the various institutions as well as applicable eligibility and document requirements. Applications include: 2 - 4 year colleges and universities as well as skilled trade or apprenticeship programs.








FAFSA (30-45 minutes)

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is filed annually in order to determine a student's eligibility for federal student financial aid. The process can be complicated due to its request of detailed tax and income information. CCAC advisors offer step by step assistance to students and parents; ensuring accurate and efficient completion of the FAFSA process. 






Scholarships (30 - 45 minutes)

CCAC advisors find unique scholarship opportunities to aid in funding traditional and nontraditional programs. Students may schedule an appointment for assistance in: researching scholarships by major or concentration, discussing eligibility requirements, instructions for the application process, structure and proofreading of essays, award amounts, and deadline dates.


Monthly Scholarships


Scholarship resources




JC Foundation


Making a Decision (45 minutes)

Once a student has secured funding and compared all of their options, a final decision of where to attend must be made. Assistance with the final decision involves: tuition deposits, completing housing plans, orientation, placement exams, and any other details related to the post-secondary transition.