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Work-Based Consultations

Our Career Advisors assist students and clients in positioning themselves for entry into a career path such as: military service, certification program, skilled trades field, or direct entry into the workforce. Consultation services involve career assessments designed to map and explore interests, aptitudes, and values as they relate to career choices. Other areas of career consultation include the structuring of resume and cover letters, development of interviewing skills, and facilitating the eventual placements leading to employment.

The Five Frontiers of Career Planning

Career Assessments (60 minutes)

Career assessments utilize modules such as Act Profile, Meyer Briggs, or Career Cruising that are designed to offer personalized evaluations and interest inventories. These consultations help individuals to navigate life’s key decision points.

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Resume/Cover Letters (60-90 minutes)

Most often, a solid resume and cover letter offer the initial introduction to prospective employers. Our knowledgeable advisors assist clients with construction, including: layout and content, proofreading grammar, and suggesting key words and descriptions designed to gain the readers' attention.




Interviewing/Soft Skills (60 minutes)

The development of strong interviewing skills is critical to long-term goal achievement. CCAC advisors assist in skill development. Mock interviews ensure the candidate feels confident in appearance and presentation for success.




Job Shadowing and Internship Support

CCAC advisors assist students in seeking and taking advantage of job shadowing opportunities with local businesses. This allows the student to spend the day on the site of an employer that aligns with their career interests. The internship allows the student to work with a business over an extended timeframe, gaining valuable experience that can often be beneficial in leading to permanent employment.

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Employment Exploration

CCAC mission: Navigate ALL Jackson County residents to productive careers through the pursuit of appropriate post-secondary education. Advisors utilize a number of resources to assist the client in research, application and preparation for employment.