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Testimonials and Highlights

College & Career Testimonials and Highlights

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The students enjoyed their visit to the CCAC and talking to the recruiters. Mr. Green went the extra mile and emailed me all of their plans.  It was very fruitful and beneficial for the students.  Thanks so much!!!    - Anissa  




Thank you for all of your help, Nancy! I probably wouldn't be going to college hadn't you shown me how affordable it can be .. and I love my classes!!

- Jacob

Thank you so very much for running our college night this month!  Your knowledge is our blessing. We appreciate our partnership tremendously!

- Northwest High School 

I appreciate all of your time and knowledge!

- Barbara

Thank you for everything!

- Staci

Thank you so much for coming to College Palooza and presenting! All of the students thought it was extremely helpful and the Palooza wouldn't have been such a success without you! I appreciate everything that you have done for this school and I hope you will come back next year and help the Juniors again. Thank you so much!

- Brianna

This place is awesome! Such a great resource! Thank you so much for all you do!

- Tana

Thanks for all your help today with FAFSA! You made my life so much easier!

- Patty

I love this program so much! They are so willing to help and provide services to start a career. I made an appointment and got a lot accomplished. Definitely look into checking them out!!! Thank you ladies for all the friendly and helpful support. You Rock!!!

- Shi

You guys were so much help for my mom and me. We would've been lost without you guys! Thanks so much for helping me with my FAFSA and scholarships.

- Emma

This is a very helpful place to get help applying for scholarships, school, employment, financial aid, and school work.

- Jeanine

Nancy, Thank you for presenting at our Board Meeting and for sharing details on the CCAC - it was very informative. Jackson is very fortunate to have such support for our young adults - FANTASTIC!

- Jennifer Timm - Napoleon Community Schools

Testimonials and Highlights